Gaurding the Walltops

     As David's keen eyes rolled over the land past the battlements of greenberg palace and fort, he noticed movment in the tall trees along the woods.  Then shiney metal flashing in the sun.  Hoofs pounded on the ground.  CHARGE, yelled the comander down below.  David flinched as he opened his mouth to yell we are under attack.  He dashed down the walls to downstairs sounding the alram as he went.  He ran across the court yard and squeezed through a small door.  As he got his helmet, sheild and sword.  He already heard the soliders getting into formation. 

There had been tension with in the dark lords and greenberg castle for ages and was no surprise to him that they attacked so soon.  He dashed on to the lawn with full armor on.  He went in to the stables, his horse, thunder was already saddled by one of his servants.  Him being a lord with in the council he had many of them.  He trotted in to formation with the calvary up front.  General cooper at the head of the army was to leave them, the king felt he was the best for the job.  Cooper was a verteran and had lots of experiance.  They were ready to charge out the gates! 

Cooper's voice sounded all as he screamed archers at the ready!  The gates swung open as arrows flew over ther heads.  The calvary charged on to the path, with arrows whistleing and swords claning, and knights yelling, it was impossilble to hear anything you where doing.  A jousting knight with black armor was charging right at him, he gripped his sword and reins, pushed in with his knees he ducked the jousting stick and struck his opponet's with his sword.  His horse dragging him.  The knight fled of into the woods.  As david stood in the great hall of greenberg with the lords.  The king had been assinated during the night when all of the soliders where outside.  It was celabration day fore David had been chossen for the new king of greenberg.

                                                                                          THE END.




   It had been six weeks since the vacation in Japan and they haden't done anything much.  The Band was relising how old "Birdy" really was.  Even though he DID NOT show it!Wink 

One day when birdy was lifting wieghts he had been lifting for half an hour, and he has lifting 2,000 pounds.  All of a sudden he let out a yell OWWWWWWW!  What was that donny yelled from inside the house.  All of the band ran out onto the lawn.  Birdy was lying in a heap on the grass.  Saying over MY BACK! MY BACK!  What happened to him phil mumbled.  Donny anwserd oh you know how he is ageing, I think he is getting to old.  Birdy would never want to admit that, I am feeling better already replied birdy.  You need to rest up on the couch said donny.

Later that night, they all got into the van to go to the doctor.  Birdy's leg had started to bother him and since birdy was not well enough to run the x-ray machine that was built into the van.  They had to bring him in.  About ten minutes later birdy was spralled on the bed in the doctors office.  There is noting broken said the doctor cheerfully.  But he will have to take it easy in the near future, and maybe you should think about getting yourself a cane.  SO IN THE END BIRDY BOUGHT A FANCY CANE, AND UNFORCHENLY BIRDY COULD NOT LIFT WEIGHTS ANY MORE.                                                       THE END!!





  They had just landed in japan. They came to japan to take a vacation to get a break off and to sight see. After playing in a lot of concerts they were exhausted. Birdy was looking for showing off his samuri armor and moves becaues he never gets tired. He even had a speacil room in the van for his samurai armor and swords. I got tickets for a samurai show thats only in japan right now said birdy. Okay said donny, but when is it said donny. In at least 5 hours. 3 hours after they got to the show it was over and every one was comin g out of the show place and every one was talking about the show. Three weeks have gone by since the band came into  japan,l and they done 4 shows durning that time. They were packing the van and getting ready to go.


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