The Escape Part one

Then Robo and his dad where at the Arizona county Jail and the Robot guards took them to a old rusty cellar. That night when the guard was sleeping Robo and his dadfound a window that was open so they tried to escape. They where still in the jail grounds. While they where trying to find the door they didn't know that there was guards by the door. Then before they knew it they where in the same jail celler.................



Chapter 1


The witch got up and ran out of the house and ran to the other side of the street and tried to look for houseCry.After that she ran to the next street and still didn't find a house Undecided.The witch finally found a house at a dead end and asked if she could use his phone to call the cops.She came back and said that she called the cops and they where coming for them.So they ran and went out out of the house but they were to late the cops where already there.The cops ran and arested the......                                                                                                                               



When Robo noticed he was in Arizona he started screaming.  He didn't know where his father was so he started looking for him.  Then he saw a big gingerbread house.  He started licking it and he got stuck to it.Tongue out  Then a random robot witch came and pulled him off, and took him inside the house.  She was planning to throw him in the oven and eat him because she was a canable.  But before that she had to get him fat. So she fed him cookies,candy,and other junk food. SurprisedThen he got really sick and felt like he was going to throw up. Surprised Then he did throw up. The witch robot thought he was fat enough and stuck him in the oven.Cry He began to cry.Cry He wanted his dad but he didn't know where he was.Smile  Then the oven door flew open and his dad came to rescue him and he had the witch in a half nelson. But then the witch escaped and....................


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