The stupid cat

Jhonny met a cat who was really stupid.  They decided to become friends.  They were both were losers so they jumped into the lake and almost drownd.  They got bored so they went to the park and went crazy.  Then they went to jhonnys house to video games then they got bored again.  The next day the cat died (so tragic).  He wanted a new friend but nobody liked him.  So he decided to leave the city and move to Asia.  There he met a scorpian named walter who was also very stupid.  Then one day while they were playing a sandstorm hit them and they got seperated.  They both went five years without there family.  They never saw there family or each other ever again.



The day Rex went crazy

After they robbed the candy store they found Jhonny's wallet.  they were walking when all of a sudden Rex started going crazy.  He just wouldn't calm down.  He tried to kill them but the cats destroyed him.  There is no more Rex.  after that the gang broke up.  They all died later on.  THE END



The day the messed up gang tried to rob the candy shop.

           So Jhonny was really hungry after Santa took him to the north pole again.  So he went to get his wallet out and saw it was gone.  Oh no he yelled! What said the gang in suprise?  My wallet is gone!  I lost my wallet!  Oh no indeed.  How much money was in there?  $ 1,000.  What are you crazy?!?  I can't beleive you lost all that money.  Well sorry.  Yeah you better be Jhonny. Oh i'm so hungry.  I have it we can steal candy from the candy shop.  Yes good idea.  It may not be the healthiest food but it works okay.  How are we going to do this?  Well ...I got it.  So lets here it.  Okay so we can have Rex go in and distra them and you Jhonny can go and when there trying to to get Rex you steal the candy.  Then walk back out and put on this hat and suit and go back in and say that is my dog.  Yes food we got food, and on the plus side we still have Rex.
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